This session will increase your awareness of what Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is and how this may be exhibited in children. You will gain an understanding of the difference between intentional behaviour and symptoms of FASD, as well as learn strategies for caring for a child with FASD.

By the end of this facilitated online session, caregivers will have an awareness of FASD. Our aim is that caregivers shift their thinking and understanding from behavioural beliefs to a knowledge of brain-based neurodisability. (Neurodisability = a group of congenital or acquired long-term conditions that are attributed to impairment of the brain).

We will discuss the importance of ten brain domains and identify eight key strategies in working with children affected by FASD. Caregivers can then respond to the child’s behaviours differently with the understanding of FASD. Finally, we look at how to access support when caring for a child with FASD.